Municipal Gas Billing Software

Municipal Gas Billing Software

Municipal gas utilities are always looking for new ways to make serving their customers easier. Not only do they want to offer a seamless experience for their customer base, but also to streamline their internal operations. Fortunately, Diversified Technology offers a way for your utility to do both in the form of our gas billing software platform. The simplicity of our Diversified Billing solution gives customers an easy and convenient way to pay their utility bills and enables you to automate many of your processes.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Our gas utility software includes a customer web portal that makes it possible for your customers to pay their bills online 24/7. The Citizen Action Center also gives them the ability to access their entire account history, including easy-to-read graphics to help them visualize the information. That’s not all — the platform also improves customer service by providing your representatives with detailed account data so they can answer virtually any questions without delay. Any details also can be printed or emailed directly to the customer through the software.

Greater Operational Efficiency

With the help of our software solutions, you can automate processes such as billing, sending notices and collecting miscellaneous charges. This ensures your staff will spend more time taking care of customers and less time on tedious paperwork. The add-on Mobile Work Orders module also enables you to dispatch technicians and other field staff through their smart devices without the need for hard copies. This means they can optimize their workload and get more done every day. Our platform also provides an executive dashboard where you can see every billing task and work order and track their status in real time.

Making Your Work Life Easier

Diversified Billing integrates easily with many software tools you probably already use, making it possible to import meter readings and export journal entries with minimal effort. We’ve designed this solution to be fully customizable, incorporating any specific features or functions you may need for your unique circumstances. When updates are released, our staff will work with you to ensure your customizations will not be impacted. This software functions just as well on the cloud as it does on your local network, so no matter what setup you use, it will fit right into it.

Built With the Latest Technology

We’ve built our software to be as intuitive and secure as possible, so your employees and customers alike will have the best overall experience. More than 350 utilities across the country depend on Diversified Billing to generate more than 7 million bills each year, and we’re always using their input to refine and improve our offerings.

For instance, the Workflow Wizard watches your processes and learns the optimal schedule for your most common tasks. It uses that information to send automatic reminders to employees so everything remains on track. It also double-checks billing information to ensure everything is accurate so you can avoid repeating work.

If you want to learn more about what makes Diversified Billing the best software platform for your municipal gas utility, click here to read some client testimonials. When you’re ready to get started for yourself, reach out to us to schedule a demo.