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Utility Billing
Utility Billing
Complete, Comprehensive
Utility Billing Software

Leverage the latest technology
Customize to your needs
LAN or Cloud
Integrate with your systems

Managed Service

Utility Billing
Managed Service

20 Years of Experience
800,000 Bills Per Year
Accurate and On-Time
Save Money vs. In-House Staff

Fund Accounting
Fund Accounting Software
Powerful, Municipal
Fund Accounting Software

Designed for municipal government
Payroll, Purchase Order, Depreciation
Budget and report by department
LAN or Cloud

Permit Software
Create and Manage
All of Your Permits

Custom setup for each permit
Print or email permit, invoice, receipt
Multiple payment options
LAN or Cloud

Web Site Development
Custom Software,
Website Development

Custom website development
Custom software development
Software setup, implementation
Data migration

Don’t Settle for One-Size-Fits-All Software

Our software is so feature-rich, it may well meet all of your needs with no customization required. But if there is a specific feature you need to make it perfect for your organization, just ask. We’ll create it for you. And that goes for Cloud users as well as those on a local area network.

Utility Billing Software

The Diversified Billing system offers highly-automated billing, payment processing and customer service software. It is designed for public and private utilities and municipal authorities that provide water, sewer, trash, gas or electric services to 2,500 to 25,000 customers. Available for LAN or in the Cloud, the software is designed to increase efficiency and decrease error opportunities.

Utility Billing Managed Service

The Managed Service group within Diversified Technology provides turn-key billing services to public and private utilities and authorities. Using the Diversified Billing software system and backed by 20 years of utility billing experience, they generate some 800,000 bills per year — accurately and on-time. Clients enjoy a completely transparent operation while reducing costs over supporting an in-house staff.

Fund Accounting Software

CenterPoint Fund Accounting from Diversified Technology is designed for smaller to medium-sized municipalities and utilities that are ready to step up from a traditional, or non-fund, accounting system. Available to be hosted on your LAN or accessed from the Cloud, CenterPoint Fund Accounting software will be a pleasant surprise for organizations that need to manage and track multiple funds on a budget.

Permit Software

CenterPoint Permit from Diversified Technology allows smaller and mid-sized municipal organizations complete management of their permits, including setup and maintenance, processing, and permit payments.  The Permit module allows you to easily customize each permit,  its process flow, and its payment processing so you can present a present a professional image to your constituency while sticking to a budget.  

Software Services

If your website is showing its age. Or you need a customization to your new software. Or you need assistance migrating data from your old to your new software. Diversified Technology’s software engineers are standing by. They are ready to add citizen interaction, online payment or self maintenance features to your website. Or they can custom-fit your new software to your proven business processes and procedures.

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