Municipal Permit Software

Municipal Permit Software

Create, Track and Manage
Permits for Any Type of Activity

The Permit module allows you to create, manage, track and report on permits of any type. Our municipal permit software is designed to integrate with CenterPoint Fund Accounting, so permit transactions post automatically to the correct fund or account.  It also integrates with Diversified Mobile Work Orders to manage permit inspections and with Diversified Billing.

This government permit software’s interface is clean and simple.  It is quick to learn and easy to become proficient.  Like Diversified Billing and CenterPoint Fund Accounting, it is available with a traditional license for your LAN or as a Cloud subscription. 

See How The Permit Module Can Streamline Your Operation

Forms Designer to Create Any Type of Permit
Generate Permits Plus Invoice or Cash Receipt
Track Permit History for Any Property
Attach Related Documents to Any Permit
Generate Reports to Track Permit Activity

Key Features

Customize Permit Forms

A permit transaction can create and print multiple documents, such as the permit, invoice and/or a receipt. All three are created and maintained in the permit form designer.

Forms DesignerStart with an existing form or the included default form.
Customize As You WishAdd a field with drag-and-drop simplicity. Move, resize or remove an existing field. Change colors or fonts. Add your logo or other graphics.
PermitsThis report includes the Transaction Date, Transaction Number, Customer, and Permit Total grouped and totaled by Permit Type. The report is a summarized list of permit transactions. Drill-down is available to the permit transaction.
Permits DetailThis report includes the following permit details: Transaction Date, Permit Number, Transaction Number, Account Number and Description, Item, Quantity, Amount, and Permit Total grouped and totaled by Permit Type. The report is a detailed listing of permit transactions. Drill-down is available to the permit transaction.
Permits by PropertyThis report includes the Permit, Permit Number, Transaction Date, Transaction Number and Permit Total. The report lists permits for each property. Drill-down is available to the permit transaction.
Property HistoryThis report includes the property Address, Purchase Date, Purchase Price, Valuation, and Disposition Date. The report summarizes property history listing purchases and dispositions of property. Purchase and disposition dates are in descending order. Drill-down is available to open the maintenance screen for more detail about the current status of the property.
Property OwnersThis report includes Owner First and Last Name, Current Owner, Phone, Email, Cell Phone, Purchase Date, and Disposition Date. This report Lists the history of property owners by property.
Permit PricingThis report includes Item Abbreviation, Item, Price Method, Qty More Than, Qty Less Than, and Price. This report lists item prices for permits.
Set Up Permits

Permit setup allows easy creation of permit transactions which control the fund, accounting, items, sequence, and expiration. You can create a Building Permit, Roofing Permit, Garage Sale Permit, Picnic Permit, Park Use Permit, etc.

NameSet a short name for quick entry. Set a long name to give a full description.
Fund and SequenceSet the fund to which permit transactions should post and establish the posting sequence.
ExpirationSet the permit expiration as elapsed time — 30 days, 6 months, 1 year, etc. Or as a specific date.
PrintingSet the default printer that should be used for this permit and the default number of copies to print.
EmailingEnter a subject and message that can be used for all permits of this type.
Permit Properties

Properties can be assigned to permit transactions as desired to report the history of permits entered for a specific property. Setup and use of Properties is optional.

Maintain Records on Permitted PropertyTrack Property Type and Use, both of which are user-definable. Track Subdivision, Lot, Block or Tract information, Owner, Acquisition Date and Price for residential property. Track Units and Size for commercial property.
Create Custom FieldsAdd up to eight pieces of custom information for each permit transaction.
Track Permits by PropertyTrack and report of permits issued to a specific property.

See How Permit Module Can Streamline Your Operation


Permit Setup
Permit Setup

Pre-assign funds and accounts to be used when a permit is issued.

Custom Fields
Custom Fields

Track the permit data that is important to your municipality with custom data fields.

Custom Fields
Issue Permit

Permit transaction is simple and straightforward.

Track Permits by Property

Maintain a record of every permit issued for any property.

Deliver Permits by Email

Set up a custom email to be used when sending approved permits by email. Email approved permit along with invoice or payment receipt.

Print Permits

Print a hard copy of any permit along with an invoice or a cash receipt.


See How Permit Module Can Streamline Your Operation