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Website Development 

Custom Programming

Database Migration

In today’s world, a static website just doesn’t cut it.  Citizens and customers expect a website that is functional — one that is informative, but also one that gives them a place to interact with you at their convenience.  Your employees expect a website that can handle the routine aspects of their job while they focus on more critical tasks.

Diversified developers can deliver all that and more.  In addition to interactive website design and development, they can customize your utility billing and accounting software to your exact specification and take responsibility for migrating critical configurations and customer data from your old software.


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Software Services Highlights

Website Development

Diversified developers are ready to infuse a whole new energy into your tired old website.  They will create an attractive and contemporary website to tell your organization’s story in a compelling manner.

They will also create one that works — for your citizens or customers, for your employees and for you.

Upcoming events?  Special notices?  Got you covered!  Pay bills online?  Account history along with consumption, billing and payment graphs?  Check!

Eliminate the need for citizens and customers to call your office?  Eliminate the need for citizens and customers to come into your office to pay a bill?  Download and import payment transactions instead of hand keying them individually?  That’s all included!

Utility Billing

Custom Programming

One of the most difficult aspects of upgrading your software is adapting your procedures and expectations to limitations of the new software.

With Diversified Utility Billing and Fund Accounting software, that is simply not an issue.

Our software was designed to be customized to fit your exact requirements.  We can customize our LAN software as well as our software that you access in the Cloud.  

One of the challenges of software customization (and the main reason most software companies avoid it) is managing periodic updates to assure that customizations are not overwritten.  

Our Support group was designed to handle that!  When an update is released, we schedule time to work with to apply the upgrade without impacting your unique customizations.

Budget vs. Actual

Database Migration

You have invested years in building and maintaining the data in your utility billing and accounting software.  When you upgrade software, you run the risk of incorrectly importing your data, or worse yet, losing data. 

That is where Diversified developers come in.  They are experts in safely exporting the data from your old software and importing it into your new software.  So you will retain all of your organization’s accumulated knowledge and be able to use it with Diversified Utility Billing and Fund Accounting software.  

Diversified’s Support group will also play an important role, working with you to map your existing data into the field in your new software where it will be most useful.


See How To Enhance Your Web Presence and Streamline Your Operation