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CenterPoint Payroll Software is designed to offer small to medium sized municipalities the tools they need to take control of their payroll without sacrificing their sanity.  It can be used as a standalone package.  Or it can be tightly integrated with CenterPoint Fund Accounting.

Like CenterPoint Fund Accounting, it is available as a Cloud-based subscription service or as a traditionally licensed software system for your LAN.  

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"So quick and simple to use."

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"I cannot say enough good things about CenterPoint Payroll."

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"We complete the payroll process about 40% faster."

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"You can easily get the information you need, right when you need it."

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Top Ratings from CPA Practice Advisor! 4.75 Stars!

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Named to Capterra Top 20 Report!

See How CenterPoint Payroll Can Streamline Your Operation 

Payroll Highlights

Streamline Payroll Processing

Utility Billing

Unlimited Employees, Departments

Budget vs. Actual

Option to E-file Taxes

Departmental Reporting

Tax Rates for All 50 States

GSAB Reporting

Flexible Time Entry and Processing

Key Features

System Setup and Use

Employee Setup

Setting up employees in CenterPoint Payroll is made easy with the ability to copy from existing information. Additional employee information can be set up and stored in the system, such as employee photos, and links to forms such as the resume, W-4, or any form you choose. Unlimited user-definable fields can be set up for tracking any information you decide is necessary for your organization.

Paying Employees

Paying your employees becomes an easy process in CenterPoint Payroll! Choose to enter detailed time sheets, or easily enter details by using pay defaults. Pull pay data directly from most time clocks into the CenterPoint system. Select hourly employees separate from hourly employees, bi-weekly versus weekly, and more. Save time by copying previous pay runs and use it as a starting point for a current pay run. You can even have more than one pay run in process at the same time, for example pay runs for separate departments. With CenterPoint Payroll, paying employees becomes a simplified process, making pay day a lot less stressful for you!

General Features

Employee Pay Setup

CenterPoint Payroll is ideal for employers who need to pay employees in a variety of different rates during the day or season, or from one job to the next. Each pay check can have a combination of multiple piece work and hourly rates, with work group and project tracking. A wide variety of deduction and earning codes are available to use, or you can set up an unlimited amount of your own codes to pay your employees the way you choose.

Tax Filing & Forms


Pay Employees
Pay Employees

Simply select the employees to be paid with each payroll run.

Pay Employees
Payroll Register
Payroll Register

Easily generate a payroll register to file for each payroll run.

Payroll Register
Report by Department
Report by Department

Report payroll items and deductions by department.

Payroll by Department
Tax Liability
Tax Liability

Report tax liabilities for each payroll period.

Tax Liability
Federal Withholding
Federal Withholding

Report Federal withholding by employee.

Federal Withholding
State Reporting
State Reporting

Forms available to meet reporting requirements in all 50 states.

State Reporting

See How CenterPoint Payroll Can Streamline Your Operation