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CenterPoint Municipal Fund Accounting Software is cost-efficient fund accounting software that has been meeting the needs of small and mid-market municipalities and authorities for over 40 years.  It is rock-solid software that has been updated and refined to take advantage of the latest technologies. 

CenterPoint, like Diversified Billing, is available as a Cloud-based subscription service or as a traditionally licensed software system for your LAN.  And it integrates perfectly with Diversified Billing

CenterPoint Accounting is designed specifically for municipals.  It allows you to create and manage an unlimited number of funds.  Its interface is clean and simple.  It is quick to learn and easy to become proficient.

Fund Accounting Software
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"I recommend any municipal looking for fund accounting and payroll software to take a look at CenterPoint."

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"The drill down features within it allow me to quickly access the information I need."

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"I am able to navigate within the software to easily manage my fund accounts."

See How CenterPoint Fund Accounting Can Streamline Your Operation 

Fund Accounting Highlights

Fund Accounting Software

Track Unlimited Funds and Grants

Utility Billing

Integrated with Diversified Billing

Budget vs. Actual

Budget vs. Actual Reporting

Departmental Reporting

Department Level Reporting

GSAB Reporting

Reports in Standard GASB Format


Manage Purchases, Requisitions

Key Features

Manage Your Budget by Fund and by Department

CenterPoint Fund Accounting includes all of the accounting functionality to budget by individual fund like general, capital project, street, pension, water/sewer and more.

Budget figures can be maintained by fund and by department, giving department heads or managers the information they need to compare their actual spending to their budget.

Customizable Reports Tailored to Your Needs

Virtually any financial report can be created.  Reports can combine multiple funds for complete financial analysis, or project future cash flow for planning purposes.  All reports can be easily modified by adding or removing columns of information.  You can also filter information when running reports to see just the data and time frame you choose. 

Reports can be named and saved for future use.  They can also be shared by exporting to a spreadsheet and other popular formats.


Tight Integration With Diversified Billing

Municipals can streamline processes by taking advantage of the tight integration between Diversified Billing and CenterPoint Fund Accounting.  

Diversified Billing can generate journal entries which can be imported directly into CenterPoint Fund Accounting, eliminating the need for any double entry.


Fund Setup
Fund Setup

Setup and manage an unlimited number of funds in an unlimited number of companies.

Fund Setup
Forms Designer
Forms Designer

Design your own invoice and other forms to present exactly the information you want in exactly the manner you want it.

Forms Designer
Flexible Budgeting

Budget revenue and expense by fund, department or for the enterprise.

Bank Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation

No need to pull your hair out to reconcile your accounts. CenterPoint Fund Accounting makes the process simple and straight forward.

Bank Reconciliation
Budget to Actual
Budget to Actual

Report budget to actual comparisons for revenue and expense by fund, department or for the enterprise.

Revenue and Expense
Revenue and Expense

Report revenue and expense for any time period by fund, department or for the enterprise.

Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet

Quickly generate a report on all changes in asset and liability accounts.

Balance Sheet
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See How CenterPoint Fund Accounting Can Streamline Your Operation

Modules to Extend Functionality

Payroll Software


CenterPoint Payroll is a comprehensive payroll system that can support an unlimited number of employees in an unlimited number of departments. Like Diversified Billing and CenterPoint Municipal Fund Accounting, CenterPoint Payroll can be installed on a local area network or accessed from the Cloud.

The software includes tax calculations for all 50 states and the option to add local tax calculations.  You can generate a general ledger journal entry or use an available general ledger interface.  There are even reminders you can set to alert you when certain bills or taxes need to be paid.

Depreciation Software


CenterPoint Depreciation software makes it easy to calculate, manage and report the depreciation of all of your fixed assets.  Like Diversified Billing and other CenterPoint accounting software, CenterPoint Depreciation can be installed on your local area network or accessed from the Cloud.

Purchase Order Software

Purchase Order

Manage purchases and requisitions. Standard or custom reports help users monitor all orders and the appropriate quantities for purchased items. Purchase orders can be easily produced, modified and received and receipt of a purchase order automatically creates an accounts payable transaction for that vendor.

Permit Software


The Permits module for CenterPoint Fund Accounting for Municipals allows municipal organizations complete management of their permits, including setup and maintenance, processing, and permit payments.

See How CenterPoint Fund Accounting Can Streamline Your Operation