Depreciation Module

Calculate, Manage,

Track  and Report

Fixed Asset Depreciation

CenterPoint Depreciation software provides small to medium sized municipalities all of the tools they need accurately track and report depreciation on all of their fixed assets.  The software is flexible enough to accommodate most any situation. 

Like Diversified Billing and CenterPoint Fund Accounting, Payroll, Purchase Orders and Permits, CenterPoint Depreciation, it is available as a Cloud-based subscription service or as a traditionally licensed software system for your LAN.  


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“The CenterPoint Depreciation module is so flexible."

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"It allows multiple schedules ... Federal, State and book schedules. "

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"Trades are a snap with two different methods, roll-in basis and continue to depreciate."

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"The 5 year future depreciation report also aides our tax planning."

See How CenterPoint Depreciation Can Streamline Your Operation

Depreciation Highlights

Depreciation Software

Complete Fixed Asset Depreciation System

Financial Statement

See How Fixed Assets Impact Financial Statements

Multiple Quantities

Easily Manage Multiple Quantity Fixed Assets

Tax Forms

Includes All Applicable IRS Tax Form Worksheets

Accurate Value

Show Accurate Asset Values on Financial Statements

Key Features

System Functionality


Depreciation Schedules

Tax Forms


Fixed Assets
Fixed Assets

Maintain a record of every fixed asset in your organization along with depreciation schedules.

Fixed Assets
Monitor Activity
Report Activity

Monitor valuation changes for every fixed asset in your organization.

Fixed Asset Activity
Project Depreciation
Project Depreciation

Project depreciation over the next 5 years.

Depreciation Projection
Like Kind
Like Kind Exchange

Track like-kind asset exchanges.

Like Kind
Alt Min
Alt Min Depreciation

Calculate alternative minimum tax depreciation and compare to standard depreciation.

Alternative Minimum

See How CenterPointe Depreciation Can Streamline Your Operation