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Diversified Technology has been developing and supporting utility billing software for more than 30 years.  Diversified Billing software is used by some 350 utilities across the county to generate more than 7 million utility bills annually.   It is rich and full-featured, offering clients the opportunity to increase staff efficiency as well as improve customer service and satisfaction.  Available for LAN or Cloud, Diversified Billing can even be customized to meet your unique needs.

Quote 1

“With this program you are able to track history for years. That includes usage history, payment history, and billing. The customer information is generally easy to find.”

— Administrative Assistant II, Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Utilities

Quote 2

“There is very little if anything that I don’t like about this software. It has cut the time it took me to get bills printed by 50%.”

— Water Clerk, City of Calico Rock, AR

Quote 3

“Diversified Billing is so easy to use! The layout of the screen is easy to follow and read which makes learning how to use the system pretty simple. The step-by-step feature is a great help if you get pulled away or interrupted from your task. Easy to use…easy to learn!”

— Office Manager, Kelly Township Municipal Authority, City of Battle Lake, MN

Quote 4

“I love how with each process you need to do, the software basically walks you through each step.”

— Office Specialist, City of Taneytown, MD

Quote 5

“The customer support I received was A+. Spending hours and hours on the phone and the step-by-step instructions as well as their patience really helped me to learn this software and help my staff.”

— Office Manager, Town of Winnsboro, LA

See How Diversified Billing Can Help You Increase Customer Satisfaction

Outstanding Customer Service Requires More Than Just An Employee Pep Talk

Outstanding customer service requires information.  Complete.  Current.  And at your fingertips.

With Diversified Billing, you can quickly locate an account by searching on any field — name, address, account number … whatever.

On the single customer account screen, find the current amount due along with the amount and status of any deposit.  Also find every meter reading, bill, payment, notice, penalty and interest charge, along with graphs of consumption history.  You will also find details on each service and meter.

Finally, print or email anything on the customer service screen directly from the Diversified Billing system.

The Best Customer Service Can Sometimes Be Customer SELF Service

When customers can find the information they need and pay their bills online 24/7, everyone is happy.

The Customer Web Portal included with Diversified Billing provides customers 24/7 access to their entire account history.  Billing history.  Payment History.  Consumption history.  Complete with charts and graphs!

And they can make payments online 24/7.  For a single account.  Or multiple accounts.  With a debit or credit card.  Or with an e-Check.   And that makes your customers happy.

Customer service phone calls are reduced.  That should make your staff happy.  And daily deposits are made to your account. That should make you happy.

Let Diversified Billing’s Workflow Wizard Manage Your Next Billing Cycle

He will keep your staff focused and give them a hand getting the details right.

When you begin to use the Diversified Billing system, our Workflow Wizard is the first team member on the job.  He learns every task in your billing cycle.  What needs to be done.   When it needs to be done.

He uses this information to help keep other staff members on track, reminding them of what needs to be done today.  And what’s on the schedule for tomorrow and the rest of the week.

And when a staff members starts a process – like a billing run — the Workflow Wizard is right there to be sure all the details – like posting date, due date, ACH date, discount date – are set up correctly the first time.

See How Diversified Billing Can Help You Improve Operating Efficiency

Keep a Finger on the Pulse of Your Operation with an Executive Dashboard

Get real-time status on every billing task and every work order.

The Diversified Billing System’s Executive Dashboard is designed to provide you the information you need to anticipate problem situations.  Not be constantly responding to them.

Working closely with our Workflow Wizard, the Executive Dashboard shows you the real-time status of every task in your billing cycle.  What’s been completed.  What’s in process.  And any tasks that are overdue.

You can also see the real-time status of every work order issued through the optional Mobile Work Order module.

Easily Manage Field Service Staff with Electronic Mobile Work Orders

Tight integration with Diversified Billing lets our field and office staff work as one

Diversified Billing’s optional Mobile Work Orders module lets you get rid of paper work orders.

All work orders are generated from within the Diversified Billing System.  Office staff can monitor progress and adjust field service priorities as situations change. They can request re-reads and get new readings back as soon as they are completed.  No more putting the billing cycle on hold.

Field staff receive work orders on a mobile phone or tablet.  They can plan their day, map their routes, scan meter bar codes, dictate their notes, and attach photos of each job.

Automated Processes Guide Office Staff Through Routine Billing Tasks

Eight check-list driven processes make complex tasks easy.

Ready to start a billing?  There is a nine step, check-list driven process for that.  Ready to post payments?  That will take just four steps.  Need a final bill?  That will take six steps.

There are also pre-defined processes for penalties, interest, adjustments, notices, and miscellaneous charges.  All clearly laid out.

Diversified Billing’s automated processes will keep experienced staffers on track, help newbies get up to speed and make training new staff members a snap.  And the Workflow Wizard is there at the start of every process to be sure it is correctly set up.

See How Diversified Billing Can Make Your Work Life Easier

Your Utility Billing Software Should Integrate With Your Other Software Tools

Smooth integrations improve workflow and help your staff work more efficiently.

The Diversified Billing System is designed to play well with other key pieces of software you depend on to keep your operation running smoothly.

Diversified Billing can be set up to import readings from any meter reading system with just a mouse click.   And it can export journal entries to be imported into any accounting system.  

Tight integration with the optional Mobile Work Orders module lets you eliminate the paper and generate all work orders from within Diversified Billing.   Re-read requests are distributed immediately and new readings are uploaded as soon as they are completed.

Customize Diversified Billing to Meet Your Exact Requirements

Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all software; Diversified Billing can be tailored to fit you!

Software developers like to keep every client on exactly the same version of their software.  Makes support so much easier.  So they introduced user groups to decide what new features to develop next.  Majority rules.

We designed Diversified Billing to be customizable!  So if you need a specific feature or function, just ask.  We’ll create it for you.  And that goes for Cloud users as well as those on a local area network.

Don’t worry about updating.  When an update is released, our support staff will work with you to apply the update and be sure your customization are not impacted.

LAN or Cloud: Same Robust Software, Same Easy to Use Interface

Diversified Billing software is available to install on your local area network.  And it is available for your staff to use from the Cloud.   Whichever route you choose, you will find the same easy-to-learn, easy-to-use interface that has made Diversified Billing such a fan favorite.

With the LAN version, you will purchase a perpetual license up front and pay modest annual support fees.  You will take responsibility for data  backup (although Diversified Billing will make that pretty easy).

With the Cloud version, you will pay a monthly subscription fee to use the software, and to receive all required training and support.  In this scenario, Diversified Technology takes full responsibility for all data backups.

See How Diversified Billing Leverages The Latest Technology