Citizen Action Center – Coming Mid-2022!

Where Citizens Go

To Take Action

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The Citizen Action Center is Diversified Technology’s latest effort to simplify and streamline interactions between citizens and the communities where they live.  It is currently under development and is expected to be released in mid-2022.

The Citizen Action Center will integrate with your existing website and  provide one-stop shopping for citizens to conduct any business they might have with your municipality.  Whether they want to report a pothole, reserve a picnic pavilion, pay a parking ticket or apply for a building permit, the Citizen Action Center is the place where they can get it done. 

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Citizen Action Center  Highlights

Citizen Account Tracks Every Interaction With Municipality

An account in the Citizen Action Center will provide citizens with a single place where they will find a record of all their interactions with their municipality.

Every bill paid.  A copy of their picnic pavilion reservation.  A record of their email conversation with a municipal employee regarding a dangerous tree.  Their application for a building permit.  Everything in one place.

Citizen will also be able to manage their login credentials as well as their contact information that may be used for emergency notifications.

Utility Billing

Citizens Can Pay Any Municipal Obligation From Home 24/7

Citizens will be able to use the Citizen Action Center to pay any bill or other municipal obligation.

It may be their utility bill.  Or a parking ticket.  Or their rent on an airport hanger.  Or their taxes.  Anything.  All in one place.

They will be able to pay with a debit or credit card.  Or an e-check.  Even Bitcoin!

Payments will be routed immediately to the appropriate department’s bank account.  Departments will be able to download transaction information to import into their management system.


Budget vs. Actual

Citizens Can Access And Submit Any Form From Any Department

Doing business with a municipality generally requires a form.

The Citizen Action Center will allow a citizen to identify and download the exact form they need to accomplish their purpose.

They will be able to fill out the form online (so there will be no struggles to read handwriting).  They will be able to save a completed copy in their account history.  Any response from the department that receives the form will also be tracked and posted to the citizen’s account history.

Departments will be able to download completed forms as a PDF.  Or they can download a data file to import into their management system.


Citizens Can Communicate With Any Department

From a citizen’s point of view, communicating with a municipal department generally involves a phone call, being transferred about a dozen times between and within departments, only to end up with someone’s voice mail.  If you are lucky, you get a call back.

The Citizen Action Center will provide a direct line of communication between the citizen and the right person in the right department.

Both sides of every email conversation will be retained as a permanent record.  The system will keep track of “open” conversations until a resolution is reached.

Conversations will be available for review, categorization and reporting for department supervisors so they can keep a finger on the pulse of citizen concerns and issues.

Citizens Can Share Moving Plans With All Departments at Once

The Citizen Action Center can streamline the moving process for both citizens and municipal departments.  When a citizen chooses to relocate — either within or outside of your municipality — there are multiple departments that need to know about that change. 

From the citizen’s point of view, the Citizen Action Center provides one stop to enter a move effective date and a new address.  The system will notify all relevant departments.  

From the department’s point of view, they can be confident they won’t be inadvertently overlooked by a harried citizen trying to organize a move. 

Landlords Can Be Required to Register Their Rental Properties

Have ordinances on the books to regulate rental properties and no way to monitor compliance?

With a simple requirement that all landlords must register their rental property, the Citizen Action Center can provide a resource to collect, organize and manage those registrations.  

Landlords will be able to edit their registrations over time as their property holdings change.  

Regulators will be able to see rental properties by geographic area within the municipality, sort and filter by number of units, owner and other criteria.

Municipalities Can Monitor Department / Citizen Interactions

Most interactions between citizens and municipal departments fly under the radar.  They only come to management’s attention when there is a problem.

The Citizen Action Center is designed to track every interaction and provide a robust reporting capability for manager’s to keep a finger on the pulse of what is happening in their area of responsibility.

Are inbound calls up by 37% this month?  Why?

Is Mabel’s close rate on citizen inquiries 62% lower than any other staff member?  Why?

Why aren’t we getting picnic pavilion reservations?

The Citizen Action Center will provide actionable data to help you get to the bottom of these and other similar situations that may otherwise escape your attention.


Be Notified When the Citizen Action Center is Ready for Release